About InvestorJim

Experience is Power

As a former instructor for all three of the Nation's largest financial education companies, I understand you desire to learn how to trade the stock and options markets without all the sales hype and high costs associated with financial education. That's where I come in, I offer 100% pure education and can help you achieve your financial goals in a much shorter time while saving you thousands of dollars that you can then use toward your trading accounts. Simply put, I'm here to help you become a successful investor and trader, not put you further into debt.

Our Primary Purpose

Whether you attend a live local workshop in your area, or you engage in my One-on-One personal coaching, I teach each of my students that it's not necessarily the stock that makes you money, it's the strategy. That's why it's critical to your success to learn the various options strategies and to know when to execute which strategy.  Here is a list of just some of the topics we cover in our training courses:

  • Choosing Online Brokers
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Candlesticks
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Basic Options
  • Advanced Options

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge is also the foundation for intelligent, well disciplined investors. Quite simply put, The More You Learn, The More You Earn! 

Client Centered

We are living in historical times in terms of the Stock Market. There has never been another time when the market has gone so far for so long. Yes, this is an absolute reason to actively participate in your investing, however it's also a time to be smart and cautious as you proceed. For this very reason, I have two major objectives for my students and I call them the two P's:


And when it comes to profiting, you will learn two very different types of trades:

  • Wealth Trades
  • Income Trades           

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